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December 13, 2008

party-type-thing and general post filling

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Today is the occasion of my 16.07th birthday. I am having a party-type-thing. YAY. Anyway, we shall be watching movies, eating food, and having general merriment. Unfortunately some people couldn’t come, so they get -100 score. This is basically a filler post so that Hatkirby doesn’t complain about me going missing, but I shall update this here blog, saying how wonderful it all is. Tamasys, AtlanticSlamon, Ozzycaiphas, I expect to see pingbacks by the morrow detailing just how wonderful the party was! ps: Yay for links!

UPDATE: Tamasys took line honours with the first post, followed later by Ozzyfrog’s post, which went into a bit more depth. Caiphas and Atlanticslamon are slack and are yet to post.


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